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Description : i am in a lot of pain, its hard to ignore it, i feel completely broken

Description : sgp type

Description : secret sauce

Description : made with ogun

Description : its a loop, with a piano.

Description : nothing can make me happy

Description : i have no clue

Description : fireeee

Description : pretty cool pad

Description : how im feeling

Description : i haven't rly felt happiness at all in the past 2 years and im just tired

Description : depressed

Description : kinda expiermental

Description : Hope everyone has a good holiday =)

Description : u dont want this smxke

Description : this is pretty fire - might get taken down

Description : its pretty spooky

Description : bop bop bop bop

Description : this is scary

Description : fwafeawokfeawpoawk

Description : I found this in one of my really old beats and I thought it sounded kinda like a phonk type loop idk

Description : root notes: A# C

Description : root notes: D#, E, B, G#

Description : root notes: C, A#, G#

Description : Root Notes: F, A#, F, G

Loops 1 - 25 of 45