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Description : some interesting hi hats i just made

Description : weird percs made from putting the vst 'hardcore' on a kick pattern

Description : a trap but not so trap drum loop, made with only drum fills (done as a challenge)

Description : weird drum loop, could be used for hyperpop
was made using the vine boom sound effect (yes ik its dumb)

Description : drum loop based on bsterthegawd
only recommended if you wanna make a bster styled beat cause hi hats heavily shifted

Description : another simple trap drum loop

Description : not the usual trap drums.. might even say its not trap - kinda wacky and different

Description : trap drums i guess

Description : ramzoid type trap drums
didn't feel it in this one so hopefully you can make something outta it

Description : just a simple trap drum loop.

Description : chords are a major and g# minor.
i couldnt do anything with this so i hope this loop can be useful to you.

Loops 1 - 11 of 11
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