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Description : Drums to the before brass/sax loop.

Description : You can easily sing a long. It's a little wonky but I like it.

Description : Dope oldschool beat based on a vinyl sample I heard somewhere.

Description : Drakes Too Much song is pretty dope so i remade drums.
Terrible remake honestly. BUT. Still a dope beat.

Description : Piano

Description : Strings

Description : High Hats

Description : Drums

Description : I been feeling these beats lately. Just hard subs and shit. This isn't too hard but the loop is nice.

Description : Havent uploaded in forever and its my birthday. So heres a pretty hard beat. The bass could be more but I cant find any good packs with bass. So.. here.

Description : Pretty dope loop, doesn't fit my taste, though.

Loops 1 - 11 of 11
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