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Description : Used Omnisphere
KC Supreme - Euphoria
BELL - Tower preset
C harmonic minor
Used Gross Beat
1/2 Speed
Added Reeverb, EQ, RC-20 Retro Color.
can be used for 80/160BPM
I hope it will be useful. Also if you used it you can send the link to me i will be happy to listen to it.
If you need midi or want to collab or whatever just hit me up.

Description : Made with Omnisphere. B aeolian

Description : Made with Omnisphere.

Description : Used Omnisphere and Gross Beat with 1/2 Speed preset.

Description : Hope its useful. I used Gross Beat (1/2 Speed). and sidechain to "declick" it.

Description : Hope its useful.

Loops 1 - 6 of 6
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