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Description : Made entirely with Sytrus, Harmor, and 3xosc. Went for a middle ground between dubstep and house, works well for either genre ***NOT SIDE CHAINED***

Description : By request, I made a 140 bpm growl, nasty bass, made with FL studio and Massive.

Description : Made with FL studio and massive, sidechained for quarter note beats.

Description : Some generic house chords, made with FL studio and Sytrus, they're in A# melodic minor.

Description : Made with FL Studio and Harmor, EQ'd to boost the highs and lows, works well with my "Dutch House Drums Loop"

Description : Made with FL studio, used various percussion samples and some minor EQ tweaks to boost the bass drum and lift the Highs on the cymbals.

Loops 1 - 6 of 6
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