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Description : Flute from Morphine in FL studio, very chill one

Post url with that loop in comments, I will listen to every track with the loop.

Can be great for trap and type beats.

Description : Hey guys, i've done this with sakura but I don't know how to put hard bass like scarlxrd.
Show me in comments what you do with that

Description : Send urls in comments, I would love to listen to what you've done

Description : Easy melody, idk the instruments btw
Send url, if its on soundcloud and if I like it you could have a repost

Description : Show me your tracks boooi

Description : Show me your projects guys

Description : First vocal, better with delay, only put an EQ, reverb and flange already

Send your work in comments

Description : Calm pluck with type of pad on the back
Share what you do guys, we wan't to know!

Description : 100000 in my head, chill bell

Description : From FLS12, Sakura, E-keys 8.5 with reverb, delay and wish wash effect

Show what you can do with this one!

Description : Great melody with some effects like delay, flange and more!

Show me what you can do with this one!
Synth from sakura in FLS12

Description : Calm and chill loop, remake of a sound with Gross Beat on FLS12

Description : Little "guitar" keyboard plucked and reversed on FLS12

Loops 1 - 13 of 13
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