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Description : Bbm 7th chord

Description : when you are slowly reconnecting
shout out be appreciated

Description : when your consciousness is far from your being-ness
I'd love to hear yo work

Description : root note are d#, f#, d#, b

Description : might be wrong bpm

Description : piano chord progression

Description : Am-F-Csus2-c/g/b

Description : reverse piano

Description : drilly pad

Description : guitar melody

Description : counter melody

Description : wavy chords progression that 'll get you flhigh bro
I don't have the key but you just need to upload this on Tunebat and it gives you the key.

Description : some nice belly voicy keys to lay

Description : sounds like a Dave x aj Tracey Thiago silva

Description : smokin on top off the eiffel tower tryna escape the world
ps: I'll upload the separate parts under 'two brothers's title. peace

Description : at ya
tryna beat tha boss arches

Description : remember those things you used to say to me

Description : late night gliding

Description : look mom I can fly

Description : half timed ensemble

Description : reversed piano

Description : somewhere in the galaxy chased by aliens

Description : some really nice reversed cloudy chords for y'all ears

Description : comment ur work my g

Description : Dark Trap Flute
don't forget to comment big man

Loops 1 - 25 of 27