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Description : And here's the Piano loop. I don't know music theory very well so I would guess the key is a c major. The only control I have over a key of some sort is the master tune in the preference's in reason 5. I set it to negative 36 cent for any reason users *Sorry to any downloaders I am uploading mastered version of the loop. I will do that from now on

Description : From a dnb track i started a while ago called Kinetica. Also a fav ps2 game of mine. This is piano and pad combination, I'm gonna upload the piano by itself too. Gave off a real feeling of triumph and overcoming odds. Least that's what I thought. Would be interesting to hear if someone could do something with these. 4/4 time sig

Description : My 2nd loop of all time. I should definitely do this more often. So this is from a track that actually...I haven't started yet. I've only made this synth number with the Alchemy Player from Camel Audio. (Great synth by the way) Then I just added a bit of EQ and Flanger. Also some compression and a limiter. So with this unfinished, I challenge someone to take this loop and try to make a better track than what I might make. This one is at 130bpm at 4/4, and i think a C major. Send me a link or contact me if you make something

Description : Well here it is, my first loop! Took a while for me to even decide doing this. I still rather upload tracks, but yea figured i'd contribute more. As i was once a loop fanatic in the beginning stages of my producing like so many others. New to this, so i'll at least list the basics because i don't know if it'll say everything that you would need to know.


Time Signature- 4/4

-And if it helps any Reason users (what i made this with) the master tune in the "preferences" section was set to a negative 32 cent.

From my track "What Happened to Tha Raw"

Hope someone can use it!

Loops 1 - 4 of 4
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