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Description : made this loop a few days ago, should be useful ?

Description : made a new hat loop. Should get you started more quickly :)

Description : Hard beat that might be of use - hopefully

Description : Nice loop that fits well with a hard beat.

Description : Guten morgen.

Description : Its been a while!
hope you like this! made it for a personal track today

Description : just made this for a new project, thought it was cool and that it would be useful for others maybe.

Description : Melody inspired by Moshtekk's Beat for Adlersson.

Description : Tried to achieve a similar sound like the brasses from his song "still remember"

Description : Gucci Mane inspired melody. Hope you like it!

Description : As I made this I had to think of the Borderlands Games^^ Hope you like it!

Description : another variant, a bit less stressful ;)

Description : Just made this. Hope you like it!

Description : made this for one of my recent Tracks, decided to share it!

Description : just made this. Hope you like it!

Description : Another one in the series ;)
Hope its usable!

Description : made with magix music maker 2015.
Yes, someone still uses it lol

Description : hope you like it!

Description : just made these, hope its usable !

Description : A small addition to my other loop for more variation in your track

Description : just made this, hope you like it!
If you are looking for more loops, I got plenty on my profile!

Description : hope its usable ! I am always happy to hear what people do with my stuff so please share your work if you want! Take care!

Description : Idk what it is, but I think it sounds cool.^^
I hope you like it too !

Description : made from scratch with music maker.

Description : I made these from scratch for one of my new tracks but I decided to share :)
Hope you like it!

Loops 1 - 25 of 99
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