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Description : Another piano loop I made about 2 years ago and never made anything much with it. POST ALL LINKS I LISTEN TO ALL

Description : A friend of mine passed and I made this little piano loop for him. Hoping he'd live on through my and others music. POST ALL LINKS I LISTEN TO ALL

Description : A little piano arp I made to go with a main melody. POST LINKS I LISTEN TO ALL

Description : Some happy chords that would go well with an upbeat top melody/ vocals. Also kill the drums. POST ALL LINKS I LISTEN TO ALL

Description : Some pads I made a couple years ago and haven't got around to using. POST ALL LINKS I LISTEN TO ALL

Description : Piano chords I made layered with some vocal shots I found in a pack. Enjoy. POST LINKS I LISTEN TO ALL!

Description : A emotional set of piano chords with french horn and sub bass layered with it. POST LINKS I LISTEN TO ALL!

Description : A sad chord progression I made with a complementary guitar melody and string section.

Description : some dark bells using a odd scale I found

Description : Made this guitar loop hoping someone could use it. COMMENT LINKS! I listen to all of them.

Description : FEEL FREE TO CHOP OFF 2ND HALF! Made this with addictive keys. Good for an internet money style track. COMMENT LINKS I listen to all of them!

Description : An old school piano i played and turned into a sample. Would go great in a boom bap beat.

Description : Here are some emotional chords with a sub bass added. Easily can be EQ'd out if not wanted. Post links!

Description : Some hard hitting trap drums I made with Cymatics Cobra pack. Post Links!

Description : *ADD REVERB* I made the piano section form the hokage's funeral and thought you could use it.

Description : A sad piano I made using stock FL plugins

Description : Chords used in Hans Zimmer- Time

Could be used in a hip hop storytelling beat.

Description : A sad piano that needs someone to work with it

Description : Little piano with Juice WRLD and Nick Mira in mind

Description : Sensei trap loop I made but without the top melody

Description : An Asian trap melody that I made with a couple stock plugins in FL. Leave a link you you use it!

Description : Top drums inspired by Night Lovell

Description : Made with Spitfire

Description : Inspired by Stranger Things and the 80s

Description : A chill chord progression with an eGuitar made by Spitfire as a melody

Loops 1 - 25 of 29
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