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Description : back in the days of 'piratestep'
this is for all u OG Kill The Copyright fans

EDIT : btw, its clipping because i left it unmastered so the artist can do that their own way

Description : Really basic
Like seriously this shit sucks ass

Description : just some thing i played on my midi keyboard them edited on fl

for trap shit

Description : A bright lead, in a similar scale to the Rick and Morty theme.

Description : A little bass i made in about 10 mins, thought it would be useful. So for sampling purposes, its in F at f4 and at 140 bpm. Please link to your tracks made with this, because it helps inspire me to create for you guys.

Description : Submitted to me by a friend (Ven), and since I have a verified account i agreed to post it.
Have fun, would love to see what you guys do with this.

Description : Some experimental shit for me

Description : Some simple chords
Not my best work but thought you guys could make some use with them

Description : Same as before but with less high end :)

Description : In triplets
Free to use, No credit needed!

Description : Inspired by Mainstream Piratestep hats
Free to use!

Description : No need for credit! Free to use
For Offbeat Dubstep

Loops 1 - 12 of 12
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