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Description : Arabic Violin Part 1

Description : Key C# Arabic, bpm 160

Description : harb reverb strings and arabic flute

Description : Send your tracks please

Description : Egyptian Trap

Description : ethnic type. getting a lot of inspiration from my visit to dubai. sitting outside my apartment right now looking down at a busy road and a desert so this seemed fitting. i know this isnt what i usually post but this sounded too sick. post whatever you made with it. >:]

key is d harmonic minor

Description : Made using the Arabic flute preset in the nexus trap expansion.

Description : .

Qad yakun hubun wasalam Allah maeakum.

Description : The ney (Persian Flute) is an end-blown flute that figures prominently in Middle Eastern music. Recorded to 192 Khz 24 bit AKG 414 & Apollo Twin. Use this stinger free and copyleft!
I can customize this melody for you or create any melody, theme or loop for your music project. Contact me in my profile.

Description : Follow me. Arabic, Trap, Festival, Trap,Dirty, lead.

Description : Strings in different articulations

If you need stuff for your youtube videos, short movies, games feel free to hit me up on my profile

Description : simple arabic choir in dj mustard style

Description : just a PHAT distorted 808 pattern on which you can layer your own top drums ;D

e-key in arabic scale

Description : Your Next Royalty Free Money Joint!!! Make money off of me and keep all of what you make. This set is not a loop pack that is logically root keyed together. All keys in this packed are noted properly. You will only need just a 1 or 2 of these.

Description : Arabic Scale (F#) at 160 bpm
Trap massacre

Link me up

Description : IM BACK!
havent uploaded in a while so i decided to make something ;)

C Key in Arabic Scale

feel free to comment the stuff you made with it :D

Description : omni presets: Starfield pianobells
scale: G arabic
just some bells with grossbeat
comment with what you make with it

Description : this is an arabic pluck melody that i made with the VST Sakura preset Cherry Blossom Pluck II. It sound like it would fit great to a trap beat.

Description : Show me your work!

Description : A simple Hip Hop loop with an oriental, arabic, Indian vibe. Enjoy :) If you made a track with it, I would like to hear it

Description : Created by KCKNDR using FL Studio 20
It is completely free and original.

Description : Created by KCKNDR using Nexus.
It is completely free and original.

Description : Made by ZedEffBeatz

Description : Sub bass for Mad Arab flute.

Description : The light melody of the Arabic flute is able to merge with the mad drumm part. Waiting for your beats to this tune:)

Loops 101 - 125 of 179
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