Description : just for fun haha

This loop is suffering from a lack of comments !
If you have time take a listen and give Mastercode some feedback.

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Description : Heavy shit, use it!

Description : Thought I'd try another Dubstep Drop and here are the basses. Tell me what you think and post a link to your song if you use it!!!

Description : HI there everyone here's another hard trap loop i would like to share with you

Description : Hello again! Miida and I have been going to WORK on these loops for you guys! Cymatics put out a Project featuring Zetta. The Drop in that song was amazing! Well Miida and Myself have 100% remade it from scratch! It a took a while but we think we aced everything! (Except the lead, its a little off.) We will be uploading 3 loops, Drop with Lead, Drop NO Lead, and Drop Lead. This allows customization. I wanna see the tracks you guys make. But try to slice the loops up and see what you can make! :D Enjoy!

Description : Cool Flux Pavillion Style Drop. The first beat of the measure is silent, add a growl or something fam idrc

F# Major d# minor

Description : Trap and Sci-Fi combination. Hard hitting amd mysterious. Use these loops to make a banger out of this world :) D minor

Description : The basses I am using in my song Nightmare rearanged into several variations for your own rearanging pleasure. All loops are in the key of G# and have been sidechained to my "Heavy Dubstep Drums" loop. Enjoy.
Please comment if used, I love hearing what you all use my loops for :)

Description : I had a track to use this in...but then I decided not to. In case you were wondering. (Admit it. xD)
No but seriously, enjoy this, use it as you want, and maybe if you feel like it credit me as "Skyrunner". Thanks! :)

Description : heres the other one

Description : heres a bass i made in serum that me and a buddy are using for a track.

Description : Sorry if it sounds messy,didn't have time to finish it.

Description : A melodic drop I found that I made around a year ago and decided to give it away.

Description : Just digging through my old samples. I believe I used NI massive and lots of compression

Description : It's just a wobble i made from NI Massive using it's awesome performer features.

Description : Random bassline

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