Description : Todays experiments have been with making a big rack of effects to create techno rumbles in Reason. No hardware for to make the samples just lots and lots of effects. However, I fed the finished loops out of the box and through the saturation on the SP606 to finalize the loops because it just pushes them into soft-clipping territory. Enjoy and if you do make a banger let me hear it!

This loop is suffering from a lack of comments !
If you have time take a listen and give Sp3cul8 some feedback.

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Description : UK Drill CZR Drums Pt 2, comment what u did!
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Hit me up on ig for loops and collabs.
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Description : just add distortion, screaming vocals and an anime thumbnail.

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Credit Is Always Appreciated!

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Description : A good loop.

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Description : comment what u did!

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