Description : Toxic Biohazard
High Pass Filter
Stereo Shaper
Youlean Humanizer ( Patcher )

This loop is suffering from a lack of comments !
If you have time take a listen and give FsKir some feedback.

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Description : Some ignorent stuff

Description : sp00ky
click on my profile picture :)
tags: halloween, spooky, horror, dark trap

Description : MY BEST YET
part 1/3
dm teedreala for the rest of this loop as well as two other parts that go with it, completely free!!
Only a third of the full loop.
for beats like codeine crazy
tags; future, southside, 808 mafia, lil baby, gunna

Description : Comment what u made . Dm for collab

Description : My First Loop, made with FL Studio & Omnisphere

This is a Rich The Kid x Lab Cook type loop
Upbeat and fast - Make some bangers & leave them in the comments!


Description : Something that could be used for regular pop as well as for Rage music like Uzi, Ken Carson, SoFaygo. If you use my loops, leave a link to the song here or contact my instagram/mail.

Description : Sit in your car, start it and... DREEFT! Juicy COWBELL with AMBIENT on the background. Equalized and saturated, so you can DREEFT as CRAZY!

Description : Not really percussion as its just a mangled synth.
eb/D# Minor.

Description : Something I ended up throwing together today. Didn't hit the way I wanted it too but it had a feel to it that others could possibly use.

Description : click on my profile picture :)
tags: keys , loop, delay, yung ,

Description : Recorded at 320kbps.
Pluck loop with mastering, echo and Reverb. Used in one of my own songs, but take at will :)
Good luck, and I hope you enjoy!

Description : NEED PART2 stems? Hit me up on IG!
Moody synths with lot of delays.
# Check my premium samplepacks - click profile pic for details

Description : comethazine x toom loop

Description : Made in FL Studio 11 using Harmor (LP and Band Phaser envelopes) and 3 PmEq2's singling out and sweeping certain freqs.

Description : Send me your results. Mods took it down the first time...