Description : Dry version

This loop is suffering from a lack of comments !
If you have time take a listen and give Nightingale some feedback.

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Description : reggae

Description : .. dub them better.
I think it's reggae-pop.

Description : Slow RnB Style Progression I wrote and recorded real quick. I recorded it on my Fender Strat ran through AmpliTube on Ableton Live 9. If you like this loop, check out my others; and if you have a request for a specific type of guitar loop, comment or message me and I'll see what I can do. Thanks.

Description : Got into my Ryan Leslie mode and made this dry guitar loop in fl 8xxl; use as you feel!

Description : relaxed Solo Guitar in dminor

Description : Im literally shaking and crying right now

Made in FL Studio 20

Description : Reggae Guitar dm c7/4

Description : West Coast Guitar... Make sure you check out my profile there is a link to my page there :)

Description : Feel it, use it, show it!

Description : Real chill Chopped Up Guitar 1

Description : guitar loop

Description : From a new track in the making ^^
Happy Cutting :P

Description : This is a loop taken from one of my tracks. It is obviously a guitar loop and can be used @ 85BPM or 170BPM. The tempo leaves room for the loops to used in many genres. Use it any way you like but I ask that you let me hear what you come up with. Peace..

Description : guitar loop

Description : Guitar playing

Please show me what youve done with this.

Send me the Link in instagram
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