Description : Hope you like it, send me what you made !

hmu on instagram for the MIDIs / custom loops

This loop is suffering from a lack of comments !
If you have time take a listen and give Demandemoi some feedback.

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Description : @prod.lucig

Description : jk :)
Link What You Make!

Description : hope you like it!!!

Description : Spain classical guitar school is unexcelled

Description : A remake of my Track BiwBo from last year :D
Good for some Minimal House and House Tracks.

Description : other artists I can hear: young thug, drake, future
link me what you made I love hearing it!

Description : lets how it goes this time
picked up my guitar again
drop links

Description : Have fun! =)

Description : From a Track in last year :D

Hope you can use it :)

Description : Chords are A flat Maj7; G7#5; C minor Major7;
I love the btter sweet sound of the minor/major7.
It could also be used in the key of E flat Major, or for the more adventurous try experimenting with it as a Dominant substitute as in the secondary use of the Harmonic minor scale.
I would love to hear what weird and wonderful things people do with it.

Description : Hope Usable!

Direct Me, if you want exclusive samples\loops.
My social media in my profile page.

Description : Lil Peep / Juice WRLD type melody
Played on Fender Classic Series 1950s Telecaster
Chorus pedal used, high depth / low rate

Cmaj9 + G
dont know the key since i have little knowledge of music theory

Description : drop u link if u use this loops

Description : Post what you've done here yeaahhh!

think lil peep, juice wlrd, blah blah

HIt me up on insta if you wana work together

Description : Recorded with a PRS McCarty Hollowbody guitar straight into RME Babyface. The chords are minor7 flat fives in inversions up and down the top 4 strings, in a 1 4 5 pattern.
Works well with Gminor Blues scale, but feel free to experiment.

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