Description : sine waves for dummies 150

This loop is suffering from a lack of comments !
If you have time take a listen and give SINExWAVE some feedback.

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Description : This is my first loop on looperman, hope you guys find a use to this loop. please link your creations using this loop because i would like to hear them.
Enjoy :D

Key: G# Major

Description : felon

midi by RoryBenjamin check him out

Description : mario bell

Description : here is a throwaway for you. G# Lydian Scale

Description : slave 150

Description : I made this with a VST plugin in FL Studio 11.
It's a bit detuned so you may need to tune it.
This works for a lot of genres, it doesn't have to be Trap.
Key: G# Harmonic Minor

Description : crush 150

Description : Very spacey pluck with a lot of reverb with some iZotope Vinyl on top of it, made in Fl Studio 12
Scale: G# Major

Description : I used GMS stock in Fl Studio for this one.
boosted low and high mids and cut out frequency around 850 to get rid of annoying ringing.
enjoy :)

Description : Upbeat type beat enjoy.

Description : eternity

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