Description : I made this one sound like it was being played in some heavy metal band for all of you rockers out there. Enjoy!

This loop is suffering from a lack of comments !
If you have time take a listen and give DonnieVyros some feedback.

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Description : Here's another one. This one sounds like someone winning at a slot machine, haha. Enjoy!

Description : This one keep the alien vibe from before, but in a friendlier E.T. sorta way. Kinda like if you got abducted and they beings tried talking to you (before the Universal Translator started workin, haha). Anyways, enjoy this yall!

Description : And what's a series with aliens without a spacecraft? So I made this one tryin to emulate what a super advanced UFO engine might sound like. Enjoy!

Description : Yeah, I may've named it Gtr fx2, but I put an additional spin on this. Giving it a nice, monstery sorta sound. And I named the file 'Pitchblack' because I was reminded of those aliens in the movie "Pitch Black". Hope yall get a kick outta this one!

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