Description : Summer Vibes Trap x Pop type Pluck

This loop is suffering from a lack of comments !
If you have time take a listen and give KiestyleProductions some feedback.

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Description : Send me links of your work!
Description : Tried for weeks to make a song out of this, but got nothin. wave form looks cool too! haha
Description : Have Fun! & Leave Links to your Projects would be happy to hear.
Description : Kinda sounds like Garrix but i'm not really into all that housy stuff however do love this style of synth ! Make use of it (LF)
Description : Shouldn't be too hard to use...enjoy! Also thanks for all the support on my loops!!! PS: If you are going to use this for a beat, PLEASE watch a video on how to tune 808s. 90% of the beats people send me have out of key 808, and it can ruin a great beat. Do it for yourself and do it for me lol. Please comment links if you use.
Description : Fits with the last loop, I would upload the pad aswell but it sounds like total pish solo fits with these however ! Enjoy (LF)
Description : Made with Massive. In the key of: Bb Major. Chords are: Gm7 - F - EbMaj7.

Post your email in a comment if you would like the FLP and also post anything you make with it
Description : 132 bpm
FL Studio
Dry (NO FX)
Description : EDM groovy
Description : Uploading this before the track is even done! Let me see what you can do with it:) Scales in C or F

P.s. THANK YOU for all your downloads and wonderful projects. Hope to see alot more in the near future!
Description : Yamaha DJ FX with some pitch bend, a whistle sound from Aria sound set with some chorus FX, heavily verbed drum - all hopefully to take us into space for a little bit
Description : Massive loop.
Description : Nexus 2 synth
Post link if you use
Description : similar groove: C, A, F, G
Description : reversed arp
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