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Description : So here it is, new DAW version, new instruments, entirely new sound.

I can FINALLY get a realistic enough sound to really play with the mechanics of my tracks, and this is really exciting for me. Gone are the days of the unrealistic synth sounding guitars, distorted pianos and "Fuck it, it's good enough" VST's.

If you ever listen to my music, this is kind of a turning point for what I can do, I would really recommend you listen to this.

Description : This came out of nowhere. One of the most complete cinematic songs I've made, I really hope you listen to this before any of my other work.

Hope you enjoy it.

Description : The Queen took me about 4 weeks to fully complete, most of it was fleshed out within the first few days, but after listening through a couple hundred times I scrapped a few ideas and added something that kind of compelled me to progress.

Description : This was fun.

Description : This is sort of an evolving tool-esque jam. Used a lot of different layers and pitch swinging in order to get a fairly unique sound to it. Basically got really stoned and this is what happened.

Description : Hope you're all doing well. I'm super proud of this because It's the first metal track I've done and I'm really excited how well the guitars and drums came out. All of it is VST work, so nothing prerecorded, all notation was configured by hand. I've been working years to try to figure out how to get the guitars to sound right, if you've ever played with distorted guitar VST's they're always extremely fake and synthy sounding.

Description : Used some of what I learned on Gladiator to make this lil guy.

Description : Didn't put as much time into this as I probably should have, but I'm happy with the result. This is basically a slow starting..I don't know, evil(?) or anti-hero composition. I keep thinking the beginning sounds French. lol.

Description : There's a first time for everything. I've never sang in any of my tracks, I've never recorded vocals before. But, I figure I gotta stop being so damn shy.

As I said, I'm no singer. Don't be too mean lol.

And yes, I did record that like throat singing stuff near the end. The droning in the background there is my vocal chords committing suicide.

Description : Back at it again playing with the cinematic orchestral stuff. This one is kind of a self-conflict rise and fall edging on a "superheroish" vibe

Tracks 1 - 10 of 10