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23rd May 2012 03:28 -  12 years ago
Description : Track 5 from my Cd called "WormWood" a pretty dark release from me 2 years ago. In order to really get it the tracks should be listened to in order, so if this is liked by the community I may just upload the full Cd. I do own the rights to this, but I would like to give it away rather than sell it. It is darkpsy, but no catagory for it.
15th May 2012 10:40 -  12 years ago
Description : A mix I have done in Ableton Live 8 with some sounds from fellow Loopermen right here on Thanks go out to CeeJamesBeat, DJMogey, DowntheInsanity, and Spivkurl, for the great loops they shared here. I have made a video for it as well, but in compliance with the rules here I will not post the link...but I will say you can find my channel through the email on my profile page or my username...MrDonNobody. This track is 4:27 seconds long at 140 BpM and is Dubstep. I really hope you enjoy this mix and that it will make the users whos loops I used proud. Thank you for listening, and feel free to download it for your own mixing pleasures.