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  • From : Youngstown, United States
  • Joined : Sat 12th May 2012, 11 years ago

About Me

I am a one man project that has collaberated with several other bands in the past and was thanked in the inlets of the Cd's released. Bands include Shpongle, Lothar Bayer, Electric Type, and Luke Bredin. I take much time and consideration before uploading or producing any of my tracks, remixes, or mastered tracks for other bands. I call my band Brainstrain, and it has been an active project now for 6 years. At one point I had 5 releases on iTunes and all the normal digital sales sites, but I unknowingly angered a very malicious group of hackers (Anons) and they destroyed me. That was 2 years ago, and now I finally built up the strength to start again. In the past month I have produced 3 new tracks of my own and 2 for my sponsors. I am a very easy going mellow type that pretty much gets along with anybody, a loner at home in my studio all day, a madman while I am social networking.
Donald "Brainstrain"

Instruments I play

I have been playing the keyboard for decades, I play an african talking drum and other percussion instruments. I bought a guitar/amp/pedal a while back because a few people told me that if I can play the keyboard I can play a guitar....they were wrong.

Software I Use

I am a die hard Ableton user, though I first started with Fruity Loops. I master my music in a mastering suite called the T-Racks from Ik Multimedia, and write it all in Ableton Live 8. Recording is done using the program Audacity when I am not using Ableton. I also use many of the music apps that are provided for the iTouch.

Hardware I Use

I use the microKORG XL Synthesizer/Vocoder, a Yamaha board, a Tapco 220fx mixing board, the APC40 for Ableton, and a Korg Kaossilator. I also sometimes will circuit bend small toys like speak and spells or cheap keyboards for that perfect squelch. At one point I was using a Nintendo DSI with the KORG cartridge...it's pretty cool. Yamaha HS 50M monitor speakers, and the Blue Snowball mic.

Listening To Right Now

I haven't much time to listen to anything unless it is here on looperman or something I am working on. While in the truck I will listen to Shpongle, Rob Zombie, or ICP.

10 Favourite Albums

Pink Floyd-Atom Heart Mother
Shpongle-Are You Shpongled?
Shpongle-Ineffable Mysteries From Shpongleland
Shpongle-Tales Of The Inexpressible
Shpongle-Nothing Lasts....But Nothing is Ever Lost
Skazi-My Way
Led Zeppelin-1-4
Uriah Heep-Demons and Wizards
Slayer-Hell Awaits
Many many more...

My Influences / Fav Artists

My influences range from Slayer to Pink Floyd, Shpongle, Skazi, ICP, Simon Posford, OTT, Raja Ram, pretty much anything that can be listened to I will give a shot.
My main influence would have to be the band called The Residents, my main goal is to be in one of their projects.

My Music Sounds Like

It is hard for me to explain what my genre would be classified as, CDBaby called it alternative simply because they couldn't classify it. So I really do not want to mislead anybody here. I write what I feel at the moment, some of it is pretty dark and trance inducing, others are more like an upbeat funk/tech mashup, and sometimes it is just plain disturbing. I guess you will have to hear it to see what you think, as I will be sharing much here with the community. I do have several pages where my music can be heard, but in compliance with the rules here I will not post the links.

In My Other Life I ...

If I am not in the studio I am either social networking, designing web templates, animating, and my career of 20 plus years...I am a professional licensed tattoo artist and body piercer.