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Description : It's just an old instrumental track, arranged in 2008. Just searching for a nice female voice for it. I have played all lines in the arrangement with keyboard and recorded the midi notes, so the timing doesn't fit 100% but I like it as it is :-) Any Ideas for vocals? prefer Female, maybe also some male rap? Greetz, Chris

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Description : First preview of my new project.

"Muchas Gracias" goes to MoonWhisper for his great creative vocal samples!

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Description : at the end of spring 2009 after 5 month of creative break, I became a workaholic with this song, 12-15 hours a day and finished it in within 2 weeks. The first 2 month after upload, this Song reached the Top 5 on a german electronic musician community in the POP Charts and 1 week TOP 10 in all GENRES!. 2 years leater (2011), this song still reaches the Top 20 POP CHARTS

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Description : Just not finished yet... but uploaded to get an overview, which kind of styles I like to produce. Also just lightweighted summer groove, I guess. Any female ideas for the refrain? feel free to try...

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Description : 4 times Top 10 weekly POP Charts in June/July 2009 on a german community board...

Thats it! my 1st signifier production. As a follow up single for my first single contract, I produced 2005 an earlier demo version of this song, written and sang by the featured artist (Halil). In 2009 I decided to do a remake with mostly accoustic instruments (sampled), the feat. artist has had been very pleased about...

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Description : last one for this week (reached the limit for this week and going on vacation for one week). An awsome R'n'B instrumental, that's really worth to be finished! Come on ladys with your lovely voices. Let your emotions flow and your soul speak :-) If you have another title? No prob. feel free to try it... maybe some cool HipHop part can be part of it, if it fits to the female vocals...

Tracks 1 - 6 of 6
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