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Tags : | Cinematic | 4.19 MB | Featured

Description : Now I don't usually put a track I have that's still under construction but this one is an exception since its for a contest by Dan (Midisparks). It was mainly inspired by this picture: The competition is to compose a track for one of the pictures provided by the website during November and seeing that we're reaching the end of November I decided to put this "in progress" piece up. Now the picture was taken by a previous musician so I don't think I qualify for the contest but it was fun to do something like this so I'm sticking with the deadline to give it some listening time.... It is a cinematic soundtrack style track mainly designed using a combo of long sustaining strings with rapid melodic piano and spiccatos, or plucked strings. Trombone at the end. Instruments fading in and out is also a theme of this track. Transitions and other support instruments that I would like to have are still missing. Done in the key of D#. And thanks to Dan for this cool idea.

Tags : | Hip Hop | 6.47 MB

Description : This is a just a rough mix of a dark and gloomy track. The musical aspect is complete just not the technical. It is a kind of orchestral hip hop but does not follow the, I guess what you may call standard layout or arrangement of hip hop.
This is intended to be a tribute to those who suffer the most in a war and become trapped in it: the civilians of the land in which the conflict is occurring..... All original no samples used. Horns strings, pizzicatos, some choir, pads, heavily reverbed drums and military-style snareroll help to paint this picture.

Tags : | Cinematic | 4.01 MB

Description : Piano, deep strings, a viola, and some flutes at the end mainly make up this emotional piece. I think cinematic best fits the genre but it sounds more of like a few genres (some hip hop or rock) kind of blended together. Somewhat short, it is broken down into two main parts with a bridge in between.

Tags : | Hip Hop | 5.58 MB

Description : UPDATE 10/03/2015 Cleaned the mix quite a bit and it should be much better than before but of course there are still a few issues. Definitely a challenge to mix this busy instrumental... All sorts of instruments (from horns to piano to guitar to strings and some synths) used in this Epic/Anthem style hip-hop beat.
I wish I couldve had some sort of authentic electric guitar playing about an octave higher than the one used with long sustaining chords for the chorus but I dont, so Ill leave the arrangement like this for now.

Tags : | Hip Hop | 7.42 MB

Description : UPDATE 10/03/2015 Some adjustments made to the mix. Yet another track I had up on the loop a few years back before I deleted it. This one though, went thru some retooling and remixing. I dont consider this to be one hundred percent complete as Im still tweaking around with the mix (the oboe nearly drove me to my knees!) but then again I think we're all like that.
This track is a cover for a cover. Its a hip hop cover for Gary Jules' Mad World cover of the original Tears for Fears' Mad World. Both are exceptional in their own feel/style.
I know people groan when they see a classic track become hip-hop-itized but I say give this one a shot.

Oh yea I gotta say this: I take no credit for the music as all credit goes to the original artist so on and so forth.

Tags : | Hip Hop | 7.53 MB

Description : Old school yet new school type feel.
Bass driven with an assortment of strings including a synth string so it sounds a little unauthentic (but that is intentional) and a trumpet.
I made this track a while back but I finally got around to mixing it.

Tags : | Pop | 7.08 MB

Description : UPDATE 10/03/2015 Went back to it and realized I had a limiter on the Master track with about a 6db gain. Explained some of the high end distortion and excessive loudness lol. Well after leveling it I had to almost remix it (again) but it turned out better than before... Another Track I made a while back but have recently updated and mixed.
Popish like track using mainly acoustic guitar (SDF Midi) with heavy synths on the chorus.

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