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2nd Mar 2022 17:03 - 2 years ago
Description : Wanting some feedback on this. I'm still trying to hash this one out and figure out where I want to take it, but I'm happy with how it's sounding. The middle section was a mess, so I cut it out and just included the parts that are starting to sound more finished.
25th Oct 2022 18:33 - 1 year ago
Description : Made using Studio One but also using a Korg Volca keys, a Roland J-6, and a couple other little hardware synths.
23rd Mar 2022 22:25 - 2 years ago
Description : Updated version of a previously posted track. Still not done, but I feel like I'm getting there. My idea is for each part to be it's own thing, kind of like a medley, but hopefully it'll all sound cohesive. It's primarily made with synths, but I want to include other instruments as well, hence the saxophone at around 0:58 (im open to feedback on getting a more realistic sax sound)

Feedback is appreciated. I'm taking time with this one to make sure I'm 100% satisfied with the end product
19th Nov 2023 19:53 - 8 months ago
Description : This is actually a remix of a song I made 2 years ago. Still figuring out the latter-half, but I'm liking the general direction.
Tracks (4)