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Description : Hello it's been some time i've last uploaded, so here is something from me i hope it was made for you, downloads are enabled.. feel free to use it

Description : Hope you enjoy this one had fun making it

Thanks for Listening

If you want to share an advice and maybe a suggestion or just your thoughts about it
your input is highly appreciated (love and peace)

Description : So your soul is set free all that is left to do is to explore the clouds

Had fun editing this i hope i did not ruin it as this is my first edit i ever made on my life lol

Thank you for creating this amazing track ZoSo i hope you don't mind

all merits goes to ZoxoSonor

Description : I hope this makes you feel a little better than you are right now! if not i'm sorry.
Please take a second and tell me how this was

and also feel free to edit it if you want to, any suggestion or advice is appreciated
(love and peace)

Description : Hope you enjoy it, If you want to turn this to your liking i enabled downloads so if you feel like you know a sound that would go well with this or some vocals or anything feel free to edit it.

Would love to hear from you if you got any suggestion or any advice that would help me improve please take a second that would mean alot!

Description : Let me know what you think your input is appreciated

if you happen to remix this I'd also love to hear your version of it so please share a link
I'm still working on it but would love suggestions
thank you! (lol)

Description : Say hello to my 12 project, I hope you enjoy it feel free to add more sounds to it like vocals and other stuff let me know how was this and if i need to do something to it to make it better, it will be updated very frequently anyways thank you
by the way i just turned 20 hahaha so i made this today for my birhtday

Description : This is my 11th project not done yet but will be updated frequently like my other tracks, hope you enjoy it and please take a second to tell me how this is while this still is under constuction alot of changes can be done your comments may have a huge impact on this track peace, love you alteeen
Update 1

Description : Hello! happy to see you again i hope you enjoy my 10th project..
Feel free to remix it or use it if you want i feel it's not done yet but i couldn't wait to show you i will update it frequently i take any advice you could possibly give me thank you i hope i can learn something new

Description : Hi i bring it to you my 9th project please enjoy and let me know if i need to do anything on it to make it better feel free to remix and add something to it on your own too lol

Description : this is my 8th project i know its not perfect but i worked on it as much as i could any advices or maybe youtube tutorials on things that i need to learn will be very helpful for future tracks cause i think i learned a few things in ableton but the truth is i know very very little.. thank you very much hope you like it!

Description : I'm open for advices and feedback is very helpful i hope you enjoyed my 6th beat that i made i'm still very new to music production but im learning everything as fast as i can, If this track gets vocals it would be my first track with vocals, if you are a vocalist please add the vocals you think it should have!

Description : Happy to present this track to you if you want to add vocals please feel free to add them to it I'm looking for a vocalist!
any advices are apreciated for future tracks!

Description : Hi guys i just made this track i want someone to contact me if you want to add vocals or something to it any advices for future tracks will be apreciated! Please Enjoy!

Description : Happy to bring it to you a new track from me as this is my fourth beat im still learning the DAW
Feel free to edit it as you like any advices for future tracks will be appreciated!

Description : This is my very third track that i made on my life,
Feel free to add something to it maybe some vocals or anything that you would like this track to have

Description : This is my second beat i ever made.. Hope you enjoy it feel free to remix it would love
to hear from you

Tracks 1 - 17 of 17
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