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Tags : | Dubstep | 5.47 MB | Featured

Description : first track made with looperman samples and a few fx i made , my first try ever at a dubstep..ish thingy ,hope its is appreciated ;) some of the samples i dont know the users name , so ill just list the filename , if the sample is yours notify me and ill give you deserved credit
looperman_409755_35466 - glitch beat by?
looperman_73162_24185_ - wicked bline by ?
Beater 2 Chorused,Beater 2 ,Beater 1 Chorused by Clinthammer
looperman_321894_32840_CurbStompin - beat by?
Plainz - beat by BlazinS
looperman_409755_35466_ - glitch beat by?

Description : so i was looking for a couple of samples when i stumbled on HMNN's loops , they were so good i had to make a track! lol all samples made by HMNN , and a glitch beat pattern by jkaos1000. still tryin to get the best EQ, but its pretty much done otherwise. comments are apreciated :) biiig uuupzz

Tags : | Dubstep | 5.78 MB | Featured

Description : another trip into dubstep , this one got kinda hectic , i'd say its blend between dubstep and digital u tell this a face only a mother could love? :P

made with a sh*t load of samples by :
HMNN - AmKoto_Upper_100 ,Dark_Room_140
Nightingale - bamboo book,bamboo,Bamboo Calloo ,Bamboo Leafs
TheDishwasher - fall of the machines
BlazinS - chachacha beat
clinthammer - glitchstep2 , beater2
DextDee- armageddon harp
looperman_409755_35411_Grime Bass 3 F Gmin by ?
looperman_321894_32840_CurbStompin beat by ?

thx guys

Tags : | Dubstep | 6.28 MB | Featured

Description : this was more of an exercise in dubstep,but still wanted to see if i get any reactions . pretty basic , but i think it flows nicely...
made the main beat , the rest are loops by:
PW-SitarDrone1b-96bpm-C , PW-SitarDrone2b-96bpm-C
PW-SitarRiff3a-FadeIn-96bpm-C , PW-SitarRiff3a-FadeOut-96bpm-C, by Pete_Wain
Breakfast With the Goddess - 4 Sitar , Breakfast With the Goddess - 5 Sitar by CalifKen
looperman_148594_33664_Bass 1 by ?
looperman_321894_31641_ReverbSweeper by ?
looperman_321894_34417_Audition beat by?
looperman_369645_33746_bass loop by?
looperman_379853_36600_D2 Drums 143 by?
looperman_321894_31372_YAWBASS by ?
looperman_379853_36599_D2 Dubstep Bass 143 by?
looperman_364043_29856_dub beat sample by ?
looperman_321894_34051_Dynamo Rendered bass by ?
looperman_348902_29045_Roscos Beat 1 by Rosco28
looperman_409755_35298_Dubsteppin bass 10 by ?

if one of the unnamed loops is yours , tell me and ill give u deserved credit.
biiiig uupzzz!

Tracks 1 - 4 of 4