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Description : Got the track from Mike Daudelin and came up with the concept of doing anything for family. Even if family is close friends.


Description : The finale track to close out my Hip Hop's Doctrine 3: The Final Chapter album.. Just head over to my name dot bandcamp dot com to check it out!

"R.I.P. (The End) by Buddahmann. Produced by Rick Mallion.

Tags : | Rap | 6.56 MB | Adult Content

Description : My conceited flow as usual. Me on production, vocals (with La on chorus), mix & master. Check it out and leave me a comment if you can. Thank you for listening!!!

Tags : | RnB | 3.31 MB

Description : Another Looperman Collaboration! Buddahmann on the flow, Antranita on the chorus, and Bopperman on the beat.

Description : French Dip featuring Looperman's very talented Janis71, from Buddahmann's free mixtape Faded coming Feb. 18, 2014. Produced by Don Demenace. Contains a sample of The Beatles, "Octopus's Garden"... Someone wanna throw a verse on here? I'll extend it... Let me know asap and I'll shoot you the instrumental.

There's is no monetary gain and all parties who contributed to this song are listed and have been compensated accordingly. There is no copyright infringement.

Description : I did this quick flow for a fellow Looperman member. But, I assume his plans fell apart, so I added it to the CD. I also have the acapellas... I will upload them. But, geez... Looperman is sooooo slow with approving acapellas. They should automatically have them approved but in a temp bin on the server so that they can review them when they have time, but not hold us up in the process... feel me?!?

Description : FRESH OFF THE PRESS: Produced by Michael Braaz for MB Beats. Written & performed by Buddahmann & La. Tell me what u think. Leave a comment!

Tags : | Rap | 5.82 MB | Adult Content

Description : This is the 2nd track off of my 3rd album, Hip Hop's Doctrine Pt. 2. It consists of me (Buddahmann) featuring Duck Dollaz on the chorus. I produced the track & I tried to mix and master myself, lol. Enjoy!

Description : I was going to ask for someone to collab with me on this. Put a hot verse on it. Download the track from Gun369 but he has taken down the instrumental. So this is a little roughdraft sample of my idea. No real mixing on anything.

Description : My Everything by Buddahmann. Featuring RarCharm. Produced by B.Ro. I would like someone who can come with another verse. If you can let me know I'll send u instrumental and we can collab! All I'll do is relay my verses and change the last line in the 2nd verse.

Description : I wouldn't mind getting a good singer on this so I can take out the auto-tune. If your down to collab shoot me an email to: buddahmann [at] gmail.com. I would classify this as RnB but there's rapping in it so RnBip Hop. Enjoy!

You The One (RnBip Hop Remix), featuring Buddahmann. Produced by Flawless Tracks.

Tags : | Hip Hop | 2.63 MB

Description : Final draft of this instrumental I created in MM16. I got the rap for it. Just gotta put it down... I got that main bkgd sound from someone here on looperman. Hope you enjoy it. I think its real nice! Comment!! ******

Verse 1:**************************
"Though I walk thru the Valley of the Shadow of Death.../
I fear no man, 'S' on my chest/
Relieve my stress with the marijuana. Guess I'm just blessed/
To have an outlet when others get vexxed. I know the rest.../
Life's hard & you in the streets rollin' round ya mob/
And not 1 cat with you even holding down a job/
You thinking sell dope or rob for your next 'good time'./
But ain't no good vibe pulling off them petty hood crimes/
You just did 2 to 5 and swore as long as you alive/
You were never going back - it's getting harder to survive/
Look at me & see the sincerity in my eyes/
When I tell u that I feel you, man, I'm barely getting by/
But, Im gone do right this time like its a new life line/
Feel like I blew enough money to last two life times/
Now I'm back out on the grind trying to change the whole world/
Not for me but my two little girls... this Cold World!

Description : My bro Niels Dirix gave me this track and I loved it. So I got together with Tha Egyptian Don & Sweets and we created this Masterpiece. It's HipHop/RnB. Me & Sweets are singing back and forth

Description : Something I threw together right quick because I loved the track so much. Need to lock in the chorus a lil more. Collab welcome. I'll send you the instrumental if you'd like. Just let me know.

Description : A dope looperman creation! Buddahmann featuring Bonez thaTrackRippa and Chocolate Shatner, "Say What I Mean". Produced by Rick Mallion. From Buddahmann's Hip Hop's Doctrine 3 LP.

Look those guys up, they're great!! I hope you enjoy the track. Also you can find my new FREE LP HHD3 at buddahmann.bandcamp.com - It features this song and more with other great Looperman family members as well.

Description : featuring Bonez, K1Clean, MaxSy, The Philosofist, Korrupt Dialect, Brak, WoundedBuffalo (TrojanMic), MEDICALMARIJUANA & Buddahmann. Produced by Buddahmann with Looperman Loops

Got some new sheeet in, I was just blazin' and creating last night.

I've been getting so much love from Looperman I had to show some back. I created this with mostly Looperman loops, samples & acapellas, except for my vocals of course.

I'll probably do more, but this was who i was listening to at the moment. There are a lot of great artists, musicians and producers here. And a real quick mix

Description : Produced by HighLearning - As I am on my journey I encounter all sorts of things. And then I heard this nice track and thought... I gotta do a quick verse (plus I need to see where my mic sounds best)!

Description : This is the album version of Detroit Demeanor. Previously I uploaded the radio edit. If profanity and the 'N' word offends you, DO NOT listen! Featuring (in order) Buddahmann, $ilverback, Sonny Black & Young Drew. (acapellas also available)

Tags : | Hip Hop | 2.66 MB

Description : I created this track in Fruity Loops and originally laid my vocals in Cake Walk until I took it to a commercial studio. Its a track riding on its bassline. From my upcoming album, Hip Hop's Doctrine. No Samples, except for me saying, "Big Black Truck, Baby!"

Description : I love this song. It has so much underlined meaning. I want to put it on the album but Tre lb. (producer) says he lost the files, its just a stereo track... no more mixing... uughhh!

Welcome to the rebirth of Hip Hop. Copped, rocked, ziplocked/
I walk a different path. Y'all got rap in a gridlock/
Y'all all sound the same. When will it stop?/
Looking for a change? Wait til this drop!

Description : I created this track... REMEMBER, I'm not a producer! This track features Kove and Sweets on the hook. I wanted some Jagged Edge smooth type chorus but he hit it like some ol' school funk... I dont want it!! I dont like this track at all. I love the concept, but no one seems to want to work on it. If someone can please come up with a hot track or chorus to make this better, I've uploaded the vocals as acapella but I'm waiting for them to be cleared... I definitely need help. Its not up to my standards at all.

Tracks 1 - 21 of 21
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