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12th Jan 2010 06:40 - 14 years ago
Description : Melancholy Mourning was a track that I had sitting collecting dust for a while. It's about not having a chance to say goodbye..
The mustang drum kicks are sick..and the vocals and melody works like magic. Hope you enjoy it.

Vocals provided by Shannon "shannonsongs" Hurley"....from her tracks "Silence " and "Life is Strange"...
2009 - which is Licensed under
Creative Commons
Attribution Noncommercial Unported(3.0)
13th Feb 2011 09:19 - 13 years ago
Description : This track came about through a great collaboration with Salook and N0mad 23. This will be... as N0mad put it... the third panel of the painting. Without Salook and N0mad, I wouldn't have been able to make it fly in a different direction.
You can hear N0mad23's work

"Digital Aboriginalism - Osmosis and the Veil' here :

And Salook's work: " Ham Radio" here :

Two great tracks, that each, have laced with their signature sound. I think that this track is a great mash of a few different genres and some great imagery, creating a really different vibe.. From the intro,there's a working contrast throughout the track. War and peace with a little depth, so that hopefully everyone that listens... can interpret it differently. Not the direction I set off in, but it's where I landed. I used fruity loops, reFex Nexus, and Reason...with stems that were manipulated to life by Salook , n0mad23 and myself . Intro and Omega manipulated and constructed with audacity. .Take a listen.
Tracks (2)