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Tags : | Trance | 4.05 MB

Description : Tommy Xangell on vocal.
this is more of a tutorial. this is what happens when you try to add stuff to a completed track, and polish it up. whenever there is a problem in the track thats bounced over. you'll notice it usually right away. problems are in the high end on this one.
it could use automation on EQing. cause you,ll notice the stuff mid way.The main problem is also the phased synth that comes in after the vox comes in. that can wreak havoc on a track with low bitrate if you're not careful.
Additional vocals from the olpc free library.
additional synths improvised off my new mpk61.

Tags : | Trance | 4.07 MB | Featured

Description : the artist formerly known as mike the mixer returns.
as you can tell in my new avatar, i shaved a bit.(no, not the girl face).
i also have a new drop in,for security purposes.
special thanks to DJ Aerith for the vocals.

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Description : remember when i said i was gonna concentrate solely in puttin out the best effort? I was not kidding.
special thanks to Katie Bender for vocal bits.
i left the level at -4 db, but the track bitrate is still at 96kb. so you wont be able to fine tune anything, just boost things a little.

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Description : Back by popular demand. i haven't listened to this in over a month.
does the synth suddenly seem to be a bit overpowering?i guess not.the reviews on this one is pretty positive.

Tags : | Trance | 5.54 MB

Description : this is not only my best effort yet, but when i exported it to mp3, i was shocked to find out that i FINALLY nailed the kick down the closest yet! once again thanx to the lovely Katie Bender for vocal bits.

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Description : featuring dj aerith? ..i think.....the lyrics go..
waing on your love for this time... or something like that well, anyway, i loved enough to put it my new masterpiece, so contact me o, mystical lyricist from somewhere. and i will give proper credit in the next edit i promise like anakin skywalker.

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Description : with vox from trun trun trun by effluence.
as well as vox by katie bender.this one is reminiscent of the track titled, When We Used To Play by Blake Baxter.

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