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22nd Jun 2018 21:01 - 6 years ago
Description : Grow, Develop, and Manifest! Like a spiritual cleansing when I wrote this track. I was going thru some difficult times and when I made this beat, I instantly took to it like a fish into water. Recorded and mixed by myself as well.

This track is available on iTunes if you want to buy it for $.99
Just search my name, Benton McKenzie
12th Jan 2017 00:24 - 7 years ago
Description : This will be an interlude on my album, Atonement, once I can get the project finished. Please let me know how it sounds, I really appreciate all you guys and the feedback. I do take all of it into consideration. Peace and Blessings.
25th Dec 2016 21:32 - 7 years ago
Description : Early this morning and I heard this awesome beat by Justze3

Decided to put a verse on it. Looking forward to doing this more often, writing for an hour and recording for an hour, posting the same day on other people's tracks. Check out more of his tracks, he's dope -

Will post the lyrics if you want to follow along.
12th Dec 2016 00:30 - 7 years ago
Description : 1st take ever with the new mic. Really looking forward to more recording when I have time too. Jemz emailed me his verse and I mixed it all in Pro Tools 10. Produced by yours truly.
28th Oct 2016 19:18 - 7 years ago
Description : Recorded at the crib with my guy Hybrid. I feel really good about this track. Written and produced by me. Hybrid wrote the hook.
14th Jan 2017 20:57 - 7 years ago
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Description : Wrote this song at a time in my life where everything around me was crumbling. I find that in times of conflict, your writing will be more heartfelt than anything. Written and produced by me, with Yo Major singing on the chorus. Will definitely be on the upcoming project, 'Atonement'.
29th Dec 2016 03:03 - 7 years ago
Description : So, this is one of those songs, that starts as a freestlye, and ends up being a record. We had so much fun recording this in my studio. We may or may not have been drunk recording this lol. Having fun with the guys, Moosie on the hook and 1st verse, I got the 2nd verse, and Phoenix got the 3rd verse. Recorded in Pro Tools 10 with a lewitt lct 240 (just sold this mic to upgrade) and a focusrite trakmaster (just sold this channel strip to upgrade). Feel free to comment, or if you're a girl, to shake that ass!
10th Aug 2016 02:19 - 7 years ago
8th Jun 2016 02:08 - 8 years ago
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Description : Produced and mixed in Pro Tools then emailed to Jemz (1st Verse) and he sent his part back.

This is the edited version and will be on my album, Atonement.

All feedback is good feedback.
Tracks (9)