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Tags : | Rap | 7.00 MB | Adult Content

Description : TRACK 7 on my latest mixtape "Endocentric." Produced with the aid of Offset Entertainment. Original by TrapKid. Good ol' Trappy (my new nickname for TrapKid) wasn't responding to my messages, so I guess the best way to show off this noise is to bring the fire to y'all. Comments and suggestions are more than welcome. Again, Looperman giveth unto me and I give back. Enjoy. :)
(Oh, and you can download this from Offset Entertainment SoundCloud page!!)

Description : Much respect to the one behind the music, Timmy Darkside. Vocals written and recorded by me. If you like, leave a comment! And give love to the original artist. UPDATE - Did some vocal audio cleaning. This should sound better in Apple headphones, stereos, and the like. Cheers.

Description : Great track wholly made by Trap Kid and Alex Lurkin. All music by them, MY vocals/audio edits of MY voice all done by me. Leave any thoughts about the track in the comments, and PLEASE give love to the music's excellent creator(s). :)

Description : Looperman has given unto me and so I giveth back. Here is a song I wholly produced using synths and tracks found here on the site from various users. It's a rap track with a darker feel from the organs. I want to know what you think, so leave a comment if you like it. All Looperman tracks used and their creators are below.

Nocturnax - EDM Vocal Drop
Cynical1 - Sleeping Giant
Fixxx3r - Antigua Synth
Rellzi Beats - Dark Panned Trap Synth
Unknown - 808 Trap Beat

Tags : | Rap | 8.17 MB | Adult Content

Description : That NEW new club banger by yours truly. All audio/vocal production done by me, JT. Thanks to ProgressBeats for the East Coast Drums, and thanks to WeazelBeats for the Twerk and Clap Snare. Looperman giveth unto me, and I giveth back.

Like the song? Download it from my Soundcloud page! (Or just listen to it here on never ending repeat)

Description : Hi. My name is Saphiera. I used to release things on here under the name JT Stone. I am releasing things again, as Saphiera.

I made this in a band with a good friend years ago, but things didn't work out. I'm thinking about re-recording it. It's not a great mix, but I like it.

This is part one. Thank you for listening.

Description : Wild and terrible, a post-apocalyptic jungle-future. The Main Character escapes sinister corporate dwellings.

This all feels like psychosis, prepared departure. At one time, this EP was everything to me. And then, not.

Thank you for listening.

Description : I just couldn't help myself. Here's TimmyDarkside's "Brickaroo" with my lyrics on it. Vocal editing creds to my boy Krippleninja. C/O his soundcloud. Man's a genius.

Description : So I started out basically remaking Candy Shop with new verses and my roommate told me I wasn't challenging myself. So here it is. A remix of Candy Shop produced by TimmyDarkside himself, and brand new lyrics from yours truly. Vocals and vocal edits/effects all done by me, JT. If you like it or just generally want to say things about the song, put it in the comments. Oh, and listen to more TimmyDarkside tracks. #trapsenpai

Tracks (9)