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Tags : | Spoken Word | 11.14 MB

Description : I hope you enjoy it

Tags : | Spoken Word | 11.26 MB

Description : Feel free to check out the track

Tags : | Spoken Word | 11.10 MB

Description : Oh wat a difficult time this was..

Tags : | Spoken Word | 11.68 MB

Description : I hope you get a chance to check this track out

Tags : | Hip Hop | 6.11 MB | Has Lyrics

Description : The beat was produced by Yung Sanchez from Looperman (and Soundcloud).. If you're looking for vocals or a guest verse on your track feel free to contact me! Thanks

Description : Some small changes were made but I got the beat from Looperman member YitiaoFeelings.. Thank you

I wrote most of the lyrics a couple of years ago but I really enjoyed going back and recording them.. they'll also provided for anyone that wants to read them.. God is Good!

Tags : | Hip Hop | 1.67 MB

Description : A friend of mine was doing a cover song of 'The Champion by Carrie Underwood Feat. Ludacris' and he was looking for someone to cover the rap section so I decided I'd tryout.. I guess he already had someone else in mind but I figured I'd share my take with you guys anyway.. it was a summer camp song and I did not write the lyrics

Tags : | Hip Hop | 7.28 MB | Has Lyrics

Description : I got the instrumental track from Looperman user Bradosanz

Tags : | Hip Hop | 7.48 MB

Description : I made some slight changes to it but the instrumental is from Looperman user CosmixBeats

Description : I added a verse to this track by Looperman user Tsochai (CAP).. Wat do ya'll think?

Tags : | Hip Hop | 9.40 MB | Pro Tools

Description : I really enjoyed this collaboration and also wanted to share it with you guys.. My verse is closer to the end :) If you have any thoughts concerning the track then feel free to leave a comment!

Have a nice day

Description : I added a feature (verse 2) to this track.. Have a good day :)

Description : I got the beat from Looperman user Dusthill.. Thanks so much! I really enjoyed working on this track

Description : I got the instrumental from Looperman user Iamarty

Tags : | Pop | 4.03 MB | Pro Tools

Description : A collab with some friends.. My verse comes in at the end

Tags : | Pop | 5.20 MB | Featured | Pro Tools

Description : I was a bit unsure when choosing the genre but yes this song is a follow-up collaboration to the other Game On track that I posted.. My part is the rap verse at around 2:10

Tracks 1 - 16 of 16
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