Turning Noise into Regrettable Music
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Description : Another psychedelic guitar piece. Great for shoegaze/nugaze, if you want. wonderful for some indie noise rock tracks. this very sharp; not much fuzz, but alot of sustain and plenty of phase effect.

Description : best one for last! another psychedelic guitar riff. this one is slow and easy; great for some stoner/sludge rock. nice fuzzy crunch with a sweet slow adulating phase effect.

Description : i'm back with some new psychedelic guitar stuff. this one is very rough and lofi with minimal phase effect. But with a nice crunchy fuzz to it. enjoy!

Description : I would suggest you add some delay/echo if you loop this. Works better that way.
Good for:Psychedelic/psychedelia, shoegaze/nugaze, space rock. that kinda stuff.
Used a epiphone dot on a boss phase, a little dirt from a crappy amp, and behringer vintage analog delay.

Description : used a very crappy Casio keyboard with additional editing and effects from Audacity.
no real specific genres to fit this in. might be useful for soundtrack or scores. maybe some ambient or electronic downtempo stuff. let me know what you did with it cause i was lost with this one.

Description : a simple, slow churning organ. great for ambient, downtempo/chillout beats, noise pop, or anything.
used my generally untrusting crappy CASIO keyboard with additional effects from computer.

Description : lofi lo-fi. Used a crappy and broken Casio keyboard with some after effects from my laptop. this loop is a little sad sounding. might be good for ambient music, maybe for some orchestral cinematic stuff.

Description : this is high quality stuff. still used a crappy/broken Casio keyboard with after effects from my computer. great for ambient or dreampop songs. can still use for psychedelic stuff, though it has a more cosmic/space vibe to it.

Description : Another Lo-fi tune with a psychedelic feel to it. Used a crappy/broken Casio keyboard with added effects from my computer.
Great for pop songs, anything dreampop or shoegaze related, ambient or electronic, and dance music.

Description : Used a crappy broken Casio keyboard, with added effects from my computer. So, its pretty Lo-fi.
Great for pop songs, anything dreampop or shoegaze related, ambient or electronic, and dance music. i think.
Lot of indie folks may like this.

Description : Take stroll through this cosmic park.
This loop is good psychedelic stuff, but is useful for ambient music and gentle pop songs.

Description : this one is quite quackin'! best suite for something psychedelic. really goes well on top of anything.

Description : cosmic sounds from the underground army with a psychedelic rush to it.

Loops 1 - 13 of 13