Turning Noise into Regrettable Music
  • From : Upper Marlboro, United States
  • Joined : Sat 26th Feb 2011, 11 years ago

About Me

My Jung-Myers personality type is INTP.
I'm a Cancer born in the year of the Snake.
I'm fatalistic to a fault, stuck on overdrive.
I can never stick to one thing; always wanting to try something new, learn something new.
I am currently blasting noise and shredding music; releasing nature on a frame and capturing people in a frame.
I wanna start painting; soon.

Instruments I play

Mainly: Electric Guitar: a Epiphone Dot Studio (my first guitar)
but i do use keyboards and table tops and anything i can find as instruments.

Software I Use

Anything, but mostly Audacity and Adobe Premiere Video Editor.

Hardware I Use

All I need is a handheld recording device, and I'm set to make music to my ears

Listening To Right Now

I'm always listening to the local classical music or Americana/blues/jazz station.

In terms of modern music: plenty of Neo-Psych music like Tame Impala, BRMC, Brian Jonestown Massacre, etc.

Also, plenty of downtempo and triphop shtuff.


Also, I'm heavy into Lana Del Ray and similar artists.

10 Favourite Albums

Too many to list.

My Influences / Fav Artists

A fusion or combination of the below:
1) Classical/Orchestral Music
2) Folk Music of any variety
3) Qawwali
4a) Americana/Blues/Jazz
4b) Funk/Soul
5) Noise
6) Downtempo
7a) Psychedelic/Psychedelia
7b) Neo-Psych/Nu-Psych
8) Shoegaze/Dreampop
9) music between the 50s and 70s
10) Garage/Surf

My Music Sounds Like

Crap. Honestly, it does sound like crap. As proof of evidence, go to my soundcloud page: kkjr or kkjr2
Or go to my youtube channel: darkmoon786

In My Other Life I ...

go to school to get a white-collar job. Studying mechanical engineering at UMD. really interested in bio-robotics and human augmentation.