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Description : hard metallic overtone wobbles

Description : got bored and decided to make some loops... so made a multi wobble that i thought people would probably want to have made with trancedrive

Description : some nice distorted drums

Description : kinda crazy, kinda spooky. enjoy
intended as a bass but got kinda blown out of proportion octavewise

Description : if you wanted an evil robot, here you go

Description : an autechre styled bass good for those ambient electro peices, made with redizer

Description : hardstyle industrial dubstep made with roland groovesynth and a guitar amp

Description : Hardstyle industrial dubstep drums. made with roland groovesynth and a guitar amp

Description : glassy sounding ambient pad

Description : this only sounds good with a large decay reverb, it sounds completely different with it on but wont loop due to the large decay time.

Description : meant to make you think of a swarm of creatures, though it has other uses.

Description : uh.... industrial drums? doing dubstep nevertheless

Description : Beef drumkit doing dubstep

Description : Acoustic drumkit doing dubstep

Description : to go with the bass drum, DF2 and DBlue Glitch

Description : a glitched out industrial bass drum, DF2 and dblue Glitch

Description : magic with an equalizer: Subduer + Equalizer

Description : Phased wobble bassline created for Double Negative
if you use it, i wanna hear
Seismik and VGA+

Description : The other variation of the Double Negative bassline, still phased wobble
Seismik and VGA+

Description : Bitcrushed, Combulated and warped using
made with drums but doesnt sound like it any more
livecut, DRFusion for drums

Description : named for what it sounds like, written at 120, meant to be played at 140
made with a beef drumkit and livecut

Description : made a chill out drumline, and glitched it out, made at 140, but also sounds cool at lower tempos suuch as 120
made with session drummer 2 and livecut

Description : A wobble bassline similar to the one appearing in double negative, made wih seismic and VGA+

Description : stretched bass drum and hi hat break

Loops 1 - 24 of 24
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