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  1. BadDaddy
    BadDaddy on Tue 14th Apr 2009 - 11 years ago
    Commented on Will you wait for me by DanielGtrman

    I can't play any instrument worth a flying fig, so it always impresses me when someone can create something out of practically thin air. Great work, I enjoyed it, and downloaded to my growing collection of Looperman artists.

    Reply by DanielGtrman

    Thanks for the review. Actually I've given your tracks a blast and I think you have a good style.

  2. BadDaddy
    BadDaddy on Tue 7th Apr 2009 - 11 years ago
    Commented on First step to my world ( Orcs and Elfs WAR ) by Omega85

    Great atmospheric piece. I like the thematic approach. I will echo other comments that this kind of music certainly has a home in fantasy and computer gaming.

    Reply by Omega85

    Thank you!!!:)
    Yes, it certainly is:)

  3. BadDaddy
    BadDaddy on Mon 9th Feb 2009 - 11 years ago
    Commented on the rat and the monkey by juanmartinfedele

    This is a really tight track. I have never used Reason but now seeing, err HEARING, what you can do with it, I may give it a try.

    I Look forward to listening to more of your projects.

    Reply by juanmartinfedele

    thank for your review, i will download more tracks. see you.

  4. BadDaddy
    BadDaddy on Thu 5th Feb 2009 - 11 years ago
    Commented on sheshe by Seroksaty


    Bass - higher
    Hats - lower
    Snare - Lower
    Kick - Higher

    Guitar - Spot on!

    I dig this tune, btw.

  5. BadDaddy
    BadDaddy on Mon 26th Jan 2009 - 11 years ago
    Commented on symmetry by rei4real

    This song just rocketed to the top of of my "Looperman Exclusives" playlist.

    Great guitar work. This is professional quality work, but I've come to expect nothing less from y'all.

  6. BadDaddy
    BadDaddy on Wed 3rd Dec 2008 - 12 years ago
    Commented on top gun anthem by miots

    What a great choice to resurrect! The Steve Stevens guitar work on the Top Gun Soundtrack is what turned me on to instrumental music, and eventually the work of Stevens, Satriani, Malsteem and the like.

    Great job, I look forward to listening to your other works.

  7. BadDaddy
    BadDaddy on Wed 26th Nov 2008 - 12 years ago
    Commented on Voodoo Swamp Blues by Randall822

    This is true blues, man. My feet are practically sticking to the dirty bar room floor in some blues bar in the French Quarter after listening to this track. You should be proud of your effort. Excellent!

    Reply by Randall822

    Hi there BadDaddy,

    This is the first I have heard of you and so thanks for reviewing my tune. Actually since there are almost 115,000 members and over 11,000 tracks from day 1, no wonder.

    Just impossible to listen to everyones songs and so you pick and choose the genre you like to listen to.

    I am glad you liked it. I had fun making it.
    I enjoy making music in the 3 genre that I like the most.
    Country, Blues and Rock. So most all my tunes will be one of those types.
    I will listen to one of your songs and comment on it soon as I am at work now.

    Thanks again,

  8. BadDaddy
    BadDaddy on Wed 26th Nov 2008 - 12 years ago
    Commented on something happy by mandarrosa

    This is a great effort. It's like the music you hear during a car commercial, and then can't get out of your head. I like the horn section, and the guitar synth is especially effective. Top notch stuff!

    Pls contact me directly as I would like to know the samples you used and how you mix.

    Reply by mandarrosa

    hey man if you got garageband...its all there:)...if not i dont know haha

  9. BadDaddy
    BadDaddy on Wed 2nd Apr 2008 - 12 years ago
    Commented on rock loopster by johnnygadget

    I think we have some tastes and perhaps influences in common. I have used some of the same guitar loops in my music projects. You've done a better job, though. I agree that the drums could have been pumped up a bit, or processed through an equalizer to bring out the high end a taste. Awesome!

    Reply by johnnygadget

    Thanks for the review BadDaddy I'll see if I can adjust that a little when I'm back in the studio
    going to check out your stuff. "I'll get back with you" .................Johnny G.

  10. BadDaddy
    BadDaddy on Wed 2nd Apr 2008 - 12 years ago
    Commented on Rock meets Techno by TheDarkAngele

    I agree with previous comments, a great melange of loops from the site. I'd have put some basslines in and perhaps breakdowns or bridges. Regardless of my opinion, you've laid down a sweet track.

  11. BadDaddy
    BadDaddy on Wed 2nd Apr 2008 - 12 years ago
    Commented on XVII Improved Version by Mark_Shemel

    I hadn't had a chance to listen to the original, but I really enjoyed this version. I'll keep an eye open for your other work. Great stuff!

  12. BadDaddy
    BadDaddy on Fri 8th Feb 2008 - 12 years ago
    Commented on radio edit recipe by johnnygadget

    Very cool mix. It's a shame that soon people won't know what it meant to tune in a radio station by turning a rotary dial on the radio.

    Reply by johnnygadget

    thanx m.e. funny thing my second wife's (since gone)
    kids asked me; "hey gadget, where did you get all of those big black cd's?",at that point I knew i was old!

  13. BadDaddy
    BadDaddy on Wed 19th Dec 2007 - 12 years ago
    Commented on There is an answer by merlin2007

    I like the fact that this is actually a "Rock" style song that is in the "Rock" category (many songs are mislabeled by the artist or listener). I also like the fact that it isn't hard to imagine actual musicians playing the instruments, rather than just a series of assembled loops. I look forward to other songs by you, and would love to collaborate sometime.

  14. BadDaddy
    BadDaddy on Thu 13th Dec 2007 - 12 years ago
    Commented on the Kingdom of evil space bears by thehandthatrocks

    Is it just me, or does this song just scream "car chase scene" ? Good work generating mood. Great track, lots of potential. I eagerly anticipate your next project.

  15. BadDaddy
    BadDaddy on Fri 5th Oct 2007 - 13 years ago
    Commented on hypnotized by rei4real

    Great stuff. Your guitar tracks are top-notch and you definitely know how to craft a good tune.

  16. BadDaddy
    BadDaddy on Thu 4th Oct 2007 - 13 years ago
    Commented on Going Down Space version by mattski180

    Nice interpretation of some classic riffs. Keep up the experimentation and good work.

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