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bbrossa 25th Aug 2023 11:29 -  9 months ago

on what have i done now - clxrity by clxrityyy
Like the track, your voice and the melody
bbrossa 9th Jul 2023 16:44 -  10 months ago

on never found by juzva
Nice piece
bbrossa 23rd Apr 2023 17:36 -  1 year ago

on what have i done now - clxrity by clxrityyy
really nice song!! like that! (it´s a lil bit overtuned but really really nice!)
bbrossa 12th Apr 2023 14:11 -  1 year ago

on west coast style beat by antyon
I really like this! Maybe i´m gonna make some lyrix on it... I´ll let you know by time
bbrossa 7th Apr 2023 14:37 -  1 year ago

on to the sea by Zootman
really touching nice piece of work, bro!
Zootman replied 8th Apr 2023 - 1 year ago
Thanks mate, gotta get some listening in myself soon as I can.
bbrossa 9th Dec 2022 23:00 -  1 year ago

on For The Rest Of My Life By Arranged By Me by aziz580
it makes something in my head... don´t even know what it is yet, but it´ll will become
bbrossa 28th Nov 2022 18:48 -  1 year ago

on Manu S Band - Leave Me by 2Sisters
Ich bin echt kein Countryfan, aber der Song hat Seele! Tolle Interpretation!
2Sisters replied 10th Dec 2022 - 1 year ago
Hallo und entschuldige, dass ich mich jetzt erst melde. Aber ich bin gerade erst über deinen Kommentar gestolpert. Danke fuer deine positiven Worte. Liebe Gruesse Manuela
bbrossa 24th Nov 2022 19:35 -  1 year ago

on Ziak x kerchak type beat by MyTurnMusic
I like that pretty much
bbrossa 6th Nov 2022 11:57 -  1 year ago

on Farewell My Lovely by Maj2
Nice work you did on Minor2go`s loop here. I love it!
Maj2 replied 24th Nov 2022 - 1 year ago
No, but,
I am glad you liked it.
bbrossa 31st Oct 2022 18:44 -  1 year ago

on tezeta by kibrom
It´s awesome!
bbrossa 21st Oct 2022 18:36 -  1 year ago

on Guitar beat for vocals by Nonamenow
Phantastic BEAT!!! I wrote lyrix on it. Listen to "Schwarz" (means "Black" in english) here:
I´d like to know, what you think about it...
Best regards
bbrossa 21st May 2020 17:42 -  4 years ago

on Love Love Love by PatriciaEdwards
love love love it!
PatriciaEdwards replied 25th May 2020 - 4 years ago
Haha. Thank you bbrossa! :-)
bbrossa 8th Jun 2019 15:38 -  4 years ago

on Wanna Be In Love by PatriciaEdwards
Nice piece, my dear! Very well done!
PatriciaEdwards replied 27th Jul 2019 - 4 years ago
Hey there. Thank you. :-)
bbrossa 8th Jun 2019 15:31 -  4 years ago

on Tranquila by cautionrawr
Thank You for that really nice idea to my instrumental! I love it! Would you please send me the lyrix?
cautionrawr replied 21st Jun 2019 - 4 years ago
ooo let all fade away intoo the blue..
i dream of the ocean day night and day..
Im the head of dreamers and dreamers they lay
They dream all their lives
let everything subside

And so you say you dont know why
i'll show you that its okay to live your life
how you want to
tranquila amor
tranquila amore

find your own peace
do what makes you happy

tranquila they dont need to understand you
you may travel long and far
tranquila it hasnt been two years or ten
i cannot remember
you dont know time

let it all fade away
tranquila tranquila tranquila tranquila traquila amor x2
there so much things that they want to hide
so many secrets behind the blinds
I'll let it all go
(tranquila tranquila tranquila tranquila amor)

open up your wings and be
(tranquila tranquila tranquila tranquila amore)


tranquila means calm down or calm in spanish. :) Im happy to hear you enjoyed! Yes your instrumental was beautiful! thank you for the wonderful track :)
bbrossa 19th Mar 2019 21:13 -  5 years ago

on Bruises by toastedavalanche
Really nice track. I enjoyed hearing it.
bbrossa 8th Jul 2016 14:13 -  7 years ago

on Pretty Baby by macg13131313
Would You like to send me the track and the lyrics also? Maybe I´ll find some time next weeks to work with it.
Greetz from germany

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