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Description : instrumental composée avec fl studio by David P my
inspiration ( Kygo )

music style "Tropical House" electronic my song

Tags : | Deep House | 1.51 MB

Description : Preview-tropical house, I'm working on a new track right now. Feedback is appreciated :)

Tags : | Deep House | 7.47 MB

Description : Hey ! this is my last tropical house track, feel free to leave a like, a comment if you like it !

Tags : | Chill Out | 760.48 KB

Description : A little 30 seconds snippet of a beat which I made out of a sample I found on the site, so I decided to upload it here and share it everyone.

Sampled used by me *SampleMADE now SouthWaveBeats* and uploaded by "kingmswati" check him out!

Tags : | Moombahton | 2.64 MB

Description : I wanted to share an experiment I've been working on :) It's a Tropical house track with a mix of Future Bass Chords. Feedback is greatly appreciated.

Tags : | Deep House | 10.77 MB

Description : Track in tropical house style

Description : This is a demo of a tropical house track I've been working on using some looperman loops. Heres the full song at
(you might need to copy the link)

Tags : | Electro | 5.01 MB

Description : A smooth,slow sweet Sound... Tropical house way

Description : tropical house

Tags : | House | 4.40 MB | Colab Request

Description : Hello. finally, i just finished my Tropical House Track. If anyone, except Me, want to listen this Song, I'll be glad. Thanks

Vocal - eSoreni


Tags : | House | 1.75 MB | Colab Request

Description : Preview of my upcoming track, feedback is appreciated.

Tags : | House | 2.71 MB

Description : An attempt at tropical house.

Description : Tropical house-version of Mr.Shammi´s BLAZE IT UP! Enjoy! Remixed version with special touch by DJ Wise.

Tags : | House | 7.70 MB

Description : Tropical House. The instrumental for this was originally entered into the Charlyfive - "Empire" remix competition, here on looperman - (which I won).

The prize was supposed to be 15 dollars but I'm still waiting for that lol..

I added the vocal at a later date and was really pleased with how well things turned out..

Take a listen and feel free to share your thoughts :)


Tags : | Chill Out | 8.31 MB | Featured

Description : First track, tropical house/ summer feel to it.
Hope you enjoy!

Tags : | Deep House | 4.57 MB

Description : This project started off as a deep house track, but I changed my mind halfway through completion and turned it into a tropical house track.

Feedback is appreciated!


Tags : | Deep House | 4.00 MB

Description : Just working on a little something, I have just started making Tropical House music and I am still very young(15) so please give me some advice!

Tags : | House | 12.49 MB

Description : copyright 2016 (C)

tropical house


Tags : | Dance | 3.92 MB

Description : Tropical house music

Tags : | Electronic | 7.66 MB

Description : Hi again After just 2 Days ... Im Back with my Tropical Electro Trap House (!!!) . I Think Its My Best work ever (what is your opinion ? ) and it is my first work in tropical house . PLZ , Hear my track 'aven' on looperman friends ... Leave comments about my first tropical . Hope U like all . its tropical but i upload on electronic genre because of electronic is my main genre. Cheers , Mostafa Ganjali

Tags : | House | 5.87 MB

Description : Finished this just in time for Valentines Day! Today I bring a tropical house track for your enjoyment ^_^
HAPPY VALENTINES! I envy you guys who can actually talk to people and form a true relationship lol, anyways enjoy, and I love feedback!

Tags : | Deep House | 4.08 MB

Description : Tropical house music

Tags : | Dance | 4.14 MB

Description : Enjoy some Tropical house! :)
And have a awesome day!!

Description : I need an vocalist for my upcoming tropical track. Singer will get his/her name on "feat." title. THE SONG ABOVE IS JUST DEMO. I will finish making when/if I get the vocals. Singer can also decide name of the song/lyrics. So if you are interested contact me on comments or email. You can also just download the demo, make vocals and then contact me. My email:
BPM: 120

Description : Instrumental of my tropical house track. I´m looking for acapella/ vocals. You can make all lyrics, melody, everything. So if you got one, please leave an link or contact me: .
You will get your name on "Feat". title) Title of the song is "Oahu" but I can change it if have to :D

Tracks 26 - 50 of 61
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