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Tags : | House | 9.14 MB

Description : This is for another collaboration with my friend Laura (same one who did the vocals for the Dreams To Dream mix I did a few months back). It's also another site centered mix (loop-wise) and here's a list of everyone who was used...
1.Edge7 (drums)=
2.LabRatzProduction (bass)=
3. Sterixx (bass)=
4. djmothbeatz (synths)=
5. profplum (synths)=
6. GameboiX (groove)=
7. drofon (FX)=
8. & me (FX)=

Will update the full vers of this soon (hopefully). Enjoy!

Tags : | Dance | 5.32 MB | Featured

Description : Hey guys this is a tune i made with fl 9 its still a bit of a donk tune but a bit more up beat with loads of noise its a bit different to what i usually do but check it out and let me know what you think cheers

Tags : | Dance | 4.56 MB | Featured

Description : Hi guys iv been away for a while iv had loads to do lately iv only just had time to make this tune its for all you donk lovers who keep asking me to make more so here goes i hope you like it and please leave feed back good or bad like usual this was made with fl 9 cant beat it cheers loopy

Tags : | Hardcore | 6.63 MB | Featured

Description : oldish track but still good really bad quality due to the fact i left the aux cable while recording via stereo mix but still love it nice phat donk bass line

Tags : | Dance | 5.14 MB

Description : Hey everyone hope you all ok this is a tune i made with fruity its not a donk tune like i have been making lately im not really sure what it is but it starts off quite mellow then a electro house type vibe comes into play i hope you like and please let me no how you feel about it cheers loopy

Tags : | Dance | 3.99 MB | Featured

Description : Hey guys and girls this is a tune i made it took me about 4 hour to make for all you who are starting to know me yes its another donk tune and i hope you like it please let me know what you think cheers loopy

Tags : | Dance | 5.42 MB | Featured

Description : This is for all you donk lovers who have e-mailed me asking for a stomping tune well here it is plus at the end i have added a sneak preview of what im working on thanks to the looper member who made the charlie low noise tune (sorry forgat who you were ) i hope you like and please leave feed back it helps me alot on what i can improve on cheers loopy

Tags : | Dance | 4.09 MB | Featured

Description : First im sorry if your getting bord of the scouse donk tunes but i love them and iv got so many ideas at the min i hope you like this one cheers loopy

Tags : | Dance | 4.15 MB | Featured

Description : Hey peeps this is another scouse house donk tune iv made i hope you like and if you do please check out the others iv made and if you could leave feed back good or bad so i no what i can improve on that would be great cheers loopy

Tags : | Dance | 5.07 MB | Featured

Description : Sorry guys this is yet another scouse house type donk i cant get enough i hope you like and could all you peeps who just sign in just to get free tunes please at least leave a comment saying you like it or dont cheers loopy

Tags : | Dance | 4.33 MB | Featured

Description : This is a track i made its scouse donk i hope you like it im going to put some loops that are in this on here for you to download if you want them plus if any one wants to share any fx or samples or anything just get in touch and like always please leave feed back good or bad cheers loopy

Tags : | Hardcore | 4.96 MB

Description : I know this int hardcore but i dint know where else to put this lol thanks to the pure party crew for the vocals this was just a mess around to see what i could do with it cheers loopy

Tags : | Techno | 3.84 MB

Description : This is a tune that DJnosleeves made all i did was add a little donk to it the track has even been played at a club near me and the crowed loved it so i hope you do too please leave some feed back good or bad cheers loopy&djnosleeves

Tags : | House | 6.96 MB

Description : Remixed and remastered Jan 2010

Adjusted a couple of things I wasn't happy with in this track...Its not changed as such...just much cleaner than it was before!

Rio de Janero Club Mix - Beautiful girls / Shakin ass and dancin the night away!
This started out as a hard trancer then I found "Louises" vocal in the house acapellas section! Wow...this girl has a great tone to her voice so this house track - my first in aaages!! was born! AND I have for the first time used a DONK bass!!!! Its finished but needs a tweak here n there! ENJOY and all reviews appreciated as always!

Tags : | House | 2.28 MB | Featured

Description : donk sounds strings lots of bass

Tags : | Dance | 3.03 MB

Description : Created on Mixmeister, used their samples, had a full sample CD and used some beats on there then added the donk from

I hope you lot like it and I hope this doesnt breach any rules!

Tags : | Dance | 2.29 MB

Description : in this one i used the 'donk' with the kick instead of after it. i love the main synth, sounds dreamy. hope you enjoy. comments please, on how i can improve it. thanks

Tags : | Dance | 2.36 MB

Description : played around with different donk samples in this one. hope you enjoy, comments please

Tags : | Electronic | 2.88 MB | Featured

Description : i used a car horn sample and the typical "donk" sound also. a bit of a hardcore track but
i think its quite catchy. tell me what you think :) Ta

Tags : | Dance | 3.68 MB

Description : this is probly my favourite track ive made so far it took me half hour ta make haha

Tags : | Dance | 4.40 MB

Description : well here you have it not sure how its gonna sound to some of you but i think a few of you will like the Donk in it near to the end enjoy

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