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Description : More concoctions.

Description : Smells like wet sidewalk, busy streets and rain.

Description : Listen with headphones, close your eyes and relax. (Medicinal sounds)

Description : Bring water to a boil, ready in just 2 minutes!

Description : in your face version of a loop i have called "hero squadz".

Description : Fl studio.

Description : i would like 2 thank everyone for downloading my crazy shit and genuinely enjoy listening to and using it. It means a lot to me, ty! Also couldn't be doing any of this if it wasn't for the love of my life, love you grl.

Description : Jimmy goes to the beach! Lots of fun in the sun.

Description : Jimmy goes to the park and want's to make as many friends as he can :)

Description : school of advanced esoteric and occult studies is now open for admission. please sign up for another exciting fall semester and improve your dark magic today!

Description : huhuhuhuhahaheheheheheuhueeee....

Description : still making intro and main chorus. bare with me.

Description : open casket invitation. everyone's invited.

Description : excessive notation.... because i do that.

Description : Heavily processed string ensemble

Description : cups and tables

Description : Another piano loop straight from the lab.

Description : Ambient music box and bells.

Description : Some bells with personality. Made in Fl 11

Description : Made in Fl 11.

Description : Believe it or not this pad was made almost entirely out of FL stock synths. Ingredients: FL Beepmap, FL Autogun, FL Styrus (x2), FL Sawer. Would put it in hip hop category but we really don't need any more of those.

Description : synth pad + wand waving wombooooocombbooooo

Description : vampyr piano

Description : evn morer piano

Description : Hey guys...i've been listening to some of your synths. 40a's first rule of mastering: Anything above 7,000hz is cancer... and should definitely not be excited, compressed, manipulated or accentuated. Why people are making the sharpest most aired out synths is beyond me. /PSA

Loops 76 - 100 of 356
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