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Description : cinematic bassyboi

Description : big vibes

Description : an endless twisting abyss of what could have been

Description : it rly do b like that sometimes. hazey rhodes with a somber flow

Description : pLEasE SToP AskING mE QuEstIoNz ThAt ArE AlreaDY AnSwEred ON mY pRofiLE PAGe

Description : dumpybois

Description : loop dump

Description : spoopy

Description : FL Studio 12 and brainmeat...

Description : >:( kylo WYMMMMMMMM?!

Description : hmuuuuuuuu

Description : It's coming...

Description : amped electric keyboardboi uwu

Description : :weary: :ok_hand:

Description : Lorum ipsum

Description : 8998989989989

Description : little bit of ordered chaos

Description : some bells and other twinkling bits

Description : I feel it's necessary to explain that everything i upload is composed entirely by myself, note for note, key for key, etc. With the exception of the vocal samples i add from time to time. However, any vocal sample I do include or upload is taken directly from the free domain (public and commercial use).

Also if you guys like the chopz let me know.

Description : did this one during my hiatus

Description : something about that woody twang

Description : "Oh"....."oh-o-AH"

Description : how bow dah

Description : Faith and stuff ... or lack of it.

Description : pls moar hip hoop drumz

Loops 26 - 50 of 356
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