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Description : Orchestral, Athmosphere, Intro, Break

Description : Another complex FX from Alesis Fusion

Description : Good example for creating complex Sound effects on Alesis Fusion

Description : Deep Synth-Loop with nice Sample and Hold-Effect (Alesis Fusion)

Description : Electric Guitar Muted Rhythm done with Alesis Fusion Synth!

Description : Sounds like a muted Guitar pickin (Alesis Fusion)

Description : Fast played Marimba (Alesis Fusion)

Description : Just another fast Square-Bass from Fusion

Description : Bass Sequence with Filter made on Alesis Fusion Workstation

Description : Another great Pad from Alesis Fusion, played to loop!

Description : Time for some loops. This is one of my fav Pads from my Alesis Fusion

Loops 1 - 11 of 11
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