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Description : synth loop

Description : 120BPM
Post what you make I'm excited to hear it

Description : Dark pad and bell loop.

G#m Harmonic

Description : Emotional piano loop.

Description : Roddy Ricch type loop, emotional piano loop post what you make guys I would love to hear it

Description : Guitar loop in D Harmonic Minor, post what you make!

Description : I know there are also a lot of UK producers on looperman also, this loop sounds like M Huncho - Birds.

Description : Happy piano sample-ish type of loop, post what you make

Description : Ambient 6lack type loop and post what you make guys

Description : Bell melody in G Major, post what you make!

Description : Remind's me of don't come out the house - 21 savage x metro, go wild with this one

Cm Phrygian Scale

Description : It's got a Lo-fi kinda feel and would fit well on a boom bap beat or a Carti type beat but you would need some more layers for it to be a good trap melody imo.

Post what you make below!

Description : Similar piano to Eminem's song Not Alike and Drake and BlocBoy JB's song Look Alive.

Post what you make I wanna hear what you guys make.

Loops 1 - 13 of 13
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