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Description : sad piano I made in like 5 mins cause I was inspired by the song "as the world caves in"

Description : Really like how this one came out

Description : Do your magic

Description : Made with MIDI and FL Keys

Description : Made with MIDI

Description : Made with MIDI

Description : Really proud of this loop

bpm is 72.270

Description : another midi i made

Description : a little chord progression i made for a song i was working on

note: works in 110 bpm too

Description : I loved playing this game when I was younger. The main theme always makes me feel nostalgic. Added some effects to liven up the sample. Eager to see what anyone makes.

Description : Been playing a lot of Kingdom: Come Deliverance and this violin loop I made in Morphine reminded me of that game. I can picture this loop fitting under some sad medieval setting or it could be easily sampled into a more sad boy hours beat. Don't be afraid to post whatever you make.

Description : another piano loop I made that kinda sounds like it would fit in fifty shades of grey

Description : sad boy hours... made with Close Grand stock FL instrument and a load of reverb

wasn't sure what to do with it so here you go

Description : Ghostly guitar made in Morphine

Description : have fun

Description : send beats

Description : go crazy

Description : first loop, please send feedback/your work

has a little bit of a pause but i used it in one of my own beats and it is barely noticable

Loops 1 - 18 of 18
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