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Description : layered keys with low pass from a beat I made earlier.

Description : same melody layered with a high synth

Description : low & high keys, low keys layered with pad

Description : layered keys and layered synths, comment what tracks you make with it.

Description : high synths with a low filter over both, link me anything you make with the loop.

Description : melody loop for a beat in progress, let me hear your work with it.

Description : same loop layered with a high lead as well.

Description : layered synths with pad from a track in progress, link me when you use it.

Description : melody for a beat in progress, layered synths and pads. send me a link for any tracks made with it.

Description : second loop, pad layered with keys.

Description : first loop, just some keys i played. let me know what you do with it

Loops 1 - 11 of 11
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