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Description : just alil thing I made

Description : Compressed and reverbed a vocal cut

Description : same beat but without the kicks

Description : this has some neat tricks Id like to use particularly the ride symbol that reverses into itself in a loop

Description : Aggressive

Description : Hey yall Rose Here.

Description : This is a small tune I made pretty neat sounding
Also Ive been gone for quite some time and decided to come back. So hi again!

Description : tiny little thing really btu big impact

Description : same sample cut but a different kinda feel

Description : a house beat I made dont know what to do with it

Description : lossa pad

Description : flangy goodness

Description : Names are starting to sound robotic

Description : honestly

Description : PERFECT STACK

Description : Derp and stuff

Description : 909 revolutions per orgasm

Description : Without failure

Description : Sometimes things are just epic for not reason

Description : somethings get something whatever

Description : sound familure>? derp

Description : some will know got jelly

Description : Synth arp thingy (YAY slides!

Description : House muthafucka

Description : goes with gated bassony

Loops 1 - 25 of 279
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