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Description : Dope loop I put together enjoy

Description : i did alot of grossbeat mixing to get this loop how i wanted it, enjoy
my rap name is Og7even but when im producing music i go by solocinobeatz

Description : fire lofi bell loop i just made, enjoy

Description : i tried my best to sound like shiloh but i think it was a fail lol anyway i still had fun doing it.
if you have a distrokid lets work, check out more of my vocals on my profile, i do trap, r&b, pop and more, i can pretty much mimic anyone

i wrote these vocals from scratch but i song it like shiloh would, can't wait to hear what you guys do with it

Description : messing around with my new Grossbeat Presets on this one here, enjoy

Description : Fire sample i just made, enjoy an share

Description : Fire NBAYboy type of loop i just did,enjoy

Description : mellow loop i just made, enjoy

Description : Enjoy this fire loop i just made using omnisphere

Description : this loop right here tho, 100

Description : Lets collab, who can give me a banger with this loop i just made

Description : enjoy the collab

Description : this loop so smooth right here, i added grossbeat an made it stand out more

Description : loops by solocinobeatz, enjoy my loops guys

Description : let me hear what you got, you're welcome to tag me in the collab if you want 2, enjoy

Description : enjoy

Description : Beautiful loop i made so enjoy

Description : Enjoy, i made this with omnisphere 2

Description : crazy name for a loop i know lol
enjoy, made with electraX

Description : Trap Loop I Just Whipped up real quick, im on the roll damn lol

Description : New Loop I Just Made
i would love to hear your work

Description : I really enjoyed creating this loop for the world to hear, its a must use

Description : Beautiful loop I just created

Description : Omnisphere loop I created

Description : Enjoy my Producer Family

Loops 1 - 25 of 77