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Description : Retro organ loo with bluesy, jazzy vibe for oldschool boom bap beats.

Description : Dark cinematic sound loop.

Description : Epic and dark brass loop. Staccato trumpet loop, good for cinematic or dark trap, turn it into anything you want.
Scale - C blues 1

Description : Dark flute loop, perfect for dark beats.

Description : This is an addition for "Underwater Part 1". This loop will fit the first part perfectly! It's an ambient synth melody loop & makes the first part even more interesting.

Description : Sad piano loop with a lot of space, feels very emotional. It's an ambient piano loop, but also fits in many other genres!

Description : Synth pluck loop, playing same chords as pluck.

Description : Synth pad loop. Chill vibe pad. Ambient sounding.

Description : Happy piano, fast feeling.

Description : Piano part 2 for "Million Dollar", different key and 100% half-timed sound. In the end the half-time slowly fades out. Dark vibe piano loop, fast boom-bap, trap, turn it into everything you want!
Part 1 & 3 also available on my profile!

Description : Dark piano for a similar style like dark Drake songs. Old dark vintage vibe piano loop. Classical HipHop or Trap, turn it into everything you want.
Part 2 & 3 also available on my profile!

Description : Sad half-timed piano loop. Sad piano ballad loop.

Description : Sad piano loop with chords & melody. Ballad piano loop.

Description : Modern Boom Bap Drum Loop.

Description : Hard Trap Drum Loop.

Description : Dark string loop, combine with piano loop part 1! Hope you enjoy this loop! Part 1 & 2 also available on my profile!

Description : Synth melody loop, short slides from note to note. Part 1 & 2 also available on my profile!

Description : Mai part 2, very emotional guitar melody. Light vintage feeling. Strong background delay & quiet ambient reverb. Mai part 1 & 3 also available on my profile!

Description : Very emotional piano loop. Hard hitting piano, strong compression. Guitar & synth melody (Part 2 & 3) also available on my profil!

Description : You can add this drum loop to the loop called "Underwater". It's an ambient drum loop, kinda lo-fi type sound.
Made it in Cubase with Maschine.

Description : Running Back Part 1 of 3, bass synth, good sub-frequencies & a nice rhythm. Perfect for any kind of house music or other electronic genres.

Description : Running Back Part 2, synth chord progression, adds harmonies for Part 1 & a brighter feeling.

Description : Running Back Part 3, slide melody, add more melody for Part 1 & 2.

Description : This flute loop is very dark, it's part 2 of "Life Is Good Part 1."

Description : Dark bell melody with a reverse fade in effect. Flute melody "Life Is Good Part 2" available too on my profile.

Loops 1 - 25 of 29
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